Wroughton Infant School

Children Responsibilities

We are the School Council

At Wroughton Infant School we are ‘Proud to Belong’ to a school that considers the opinions and interests of the children as an integral part of its day to day life. As being ‘Proud to Belong’ is a central part of our school ethos the children are encouraged to take ownership of their environment and the decisions that happen within them.

The elections are complete! The votes have been counted and verified. The new School Councillors have been elected.

Meet the new School Council


The process of electing our new School Council is always a tricky one. All the children wanted to take part in the council and always put their best arguments forward as to why they should be a councillor. The candidates put themselves forwards and have to say why they think they would be a good councilor. The children in the class will then take part in a private vote and are encouraged not to share their vote, just like in a real life election. 

During the process there was lots of discussions and debates about what a School Councillor should be and it was realised that our school values are a good foundation for understanding who would be good ambassadors for our school. As ambassadors we are representing our School Values and how we are ‘Proud to Belong’ at Wroughton Infant School.

The School Council are often asked questions by Mrs. Williams and these become discussion points in our meetings. The previous School Council have been involved in discussing and implementing our new Team Point system and what we think team points should be given for. We also took time to discuss our school values and which ones we thought were the most important.

The children are given badges to help them take ownership of their role. As a School Council representative it is important that we are ambassadors for our school and that we lead the way in our behaviour, manners and value of our school.

We are looking forward to getting stuck into the new term!