Wroughton Infant School

Vision and Values

Our School Vision

Wroughton Infants & Juniors school work in partnership to ensure the children receive an excellent & seamless education throughout their primary years.  As part of Grove Learning Trust, we all work towards a shared mission:

At Wroughton Infants, we ensure we are working towards this mission and fulfil our vision that all children are "Proud to Belong!"

Aims of our School

Our aim is to provide a safe, caring and inspirational environment by ensuring:

  • All adults work in collaboration to ensure that children are happy, safe and can achieve their best.
  • Learning is recognised as a valued and lifelong experience.
  • Every child is recognised and valued as an individual.
  • Learning and developmental experience is memorable and meaningful.
  • Children develop a sense of self-worth through their confidence, creativity, social skills and interests.
  • Children are encouraged to develop independence 
  • All children have an awareness of citizenship and their role within the local and wider communities
  • Parents, staff, pupils and governors are proud of the children and the school.

      Our school Rules 

Code of Conduct and Behaviour Blueprint 

code of conduct 1 .pdf


behaviour blueprint 2 4 .pdf


Our School Values

At Wroughton Infant School, we believe that the ethos of the school should be built on a foundation of values.  The values we focus on are: