Wroughton Infant School


Throughout Wroughton Infant School, our vision is that English ignites a spark in every child.

“Learning to read and discover is our children’s right...and their best hope for the future.” Michael Morpurgo

A passion for writing

A love for reading

An understanding of language

In the world that our children are growing up in, there are endless possibilities. At their finger-tips, opportunities await. To access and make the most of these chances, our children need strong communication skills in all forms: spoken, read or performed, composed, written or typed.

William Shakespeare believed that ‘writing and reading comes by nature’. At Wroughton Infant School, we agree and therefore strive to provide each child with the platform to not only gain a wealth of knowledge, but also develop a love for the English language.

When speaking and listening, we want our children to have freedom to play with performance, discuss passionately and be able to order and organise their thoughts into conversation.

When reading, be that alone or together, we encourage our children to imagine, experience the impossible and most of all learn. Reading widely and often, both for pleasure and information, develops many fundamental skills that can help propel progress in all areas of English.