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 Our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Wroughton Infant School we aim to provide children with a wide range of creative experiences. Art is taught in a creative way allowing children to learn specific skills through exploration. We give the children opportunities to explore different styles using various techniques, materials, textures, form, pattern and colours. We are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in art activities. Children should be given opportunities to respond thoughtfully develop skills, selecting and controlling suitable tools and systems with increasing skill.


We look at designs of famous painters, sculptors and architects both modern day and historical. Art lessons fire children’s imagination, creativity and inventiveness as well as allowing them to explore and reflect on the design of their own work and those of others. We feel that it is important for children to explore, build upon and record their own creative ideas so that they develop an understanding of art as a way to express themselves.


Progression of Knowledge and Skills in Art

 Art (Expressive Art and Design) in EYFS



Art in Key Stage 1

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Art at Wroughton Infants


Year one Leaf rubbings!

Remembrance Day

To mark Remembrance Day, children across the school have taken part in creating their own poppies.

Rememberance Day Poppies