Wroughton Infant School


Welcome to Year 2!

We have three Year 2 classes; Robins, Barn Owls & Wrens.

Robin Class is taught by Mrs Dalton




Barn Owls is taught by Mr Grinsted.




Wren Class is taught by  Mrs Martin (Mon-Weds) & Mrs Millwaters (Weds - Fri)



All classes will be supported by: 

Mrs Kirk 

Mrs Moon 

Mrs Hurley 

Mrs Southwood

 HOMEWORK- How can we help at home?

Please read at home with your child at least 3 times a week.  Encourage them to read fluently and with expression! 

Practice counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s with your child and practice number bonds to 20.  This will really help your child's mental maths!

Please help your child practise their weekly spellings for our test on a Friday.  If you have misplaced your child's copy, please click on the link below: 

Year 2 Phonics & Spellings- Group 1

Year 2 Phonics & Spellings- Group 2

Year 2 Phonics & Spellings - Group 3

Term 5 Homework 


Homework is due on Monday 20th May. 

Topic Maps 

Term 5

Maths in Year 2

class photos

Learning in Year 2 

Year Two showed great respect today when cleaning war graves at our local church. They discussed the importance of Remembrance and were really happy to help our community. 

Wrens - Science Investigation

Year 2 enjoyed investigating the question: Do older people always have bigger bigger feet? We discovered that this is not always true and Mr Grinstead had the biggest feet despite being younger than some of the other adults in school.

NSPCC Number Day - Year 2

Cleaning War Graves