Wroughton Infant School


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Wroughton Infant School recognises that punctual and regular school attendance are central to raising standards in education and contributes significantly to pupil’s progress. Absence from lessons can result in children falling behind in their learning and may also put their safety at risk. Children with regular poor attendance are vulnerable and more likely to underachieve in both primary and secondary school.

Wroughton Infant School promotes 100% school attendance and punctuality for every child. We are committed to equal opportunities and we support pupils and their families in achieving this goal. We want all our pupils and their families to feel valued and welcome.

The Admissions and Attendance Manager will use every opportunity to convey to pupils and their parents or carers, the importance of regular and punctual attendance.

Regular and punctual attendance at school is both a legal requirement and an essential component of our safeguarding practice.

Our Attendance Policy reflects our statutory responsibilities.

Our Overall Aims

To achieve 100% attendance for every child by:

  • using rewards and incentives
  • communicating our policy to all stakeholders
  • monitoring, recording and using robust data analysis to identify poor attendance and punctuality
  • working with families to identify barriers, causing poor attendance and agree solutions
  • liaising with external agencies to support families
  • raising standards and ensure that every child reaches their full potential
  • ensuring that every child is safe and their right to an education is protected

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